A picture is worth a thousand words

Since Thea's birth I have found celebrating her life has been important but it hasn't always been easy. Celebrating the life of a baby who never really got the chance to live has no handbook, there is no social conventions or normals here. Traditionally people celebrate a persons life by sharing memories and accounts of… Continue reading A picture is worth a thousand words


A guide to TV in grief.

This sounds like a very light hearted post, when I guess a lot of things I share can be a bit..well...'heavy'. But over the last 18 months TV has really helped me heal. More than anything it has given my brain time to rest and switch off from reality. However, there is a caveat to… Continue reading A guide to TV in grief.

A day still standing

This Baby loss awareness week I have been struggling to know what to do, what to write. When i noticed a IG post by still standing mag to share a day in your life. So this is my day, a day parenting after loss... I wake up to  Arla wriggling and rolling, singing in her… Continue reading A day still standing

The voice of fear and the voice of reason

At 15 weeks pregnant with Arla, it is fair to say I was so frightened things would go wrong again. I didn’t feel I could survive another loss. The fear was certainly beginning to consume me. Looking back the fear seems fleeting, softer. But reading the words I wrote at 15 weeks I remember the… Continue reading The voice of fear and the voice of reason

A pot of moisturiser and a rainbow.

As some of you will know, 2 months ago Rob and I welcomed our Rainbow baby, Arla into the world. Now, while I didn’t post anything on the blog about this at the time, I still continued to write and save how I felt. And I intend to share these posts too. But why didn’t… Continue reading A pot of moisturiser and a rainbow.